BCC Student Ambassadors

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Andaiye Burrowes 
Programme / Majors: Mathematics, Information Technology and Accounting
My Favourite Activities: Reading, traveling and watching TV series
My Favourite Spot on Campus: Barbados Language Centre Student Lounge
My Advice to New Students: Do not be afraid to ask questions and always be willing to learn.
Fun Fact: I was born on the same day as Errol Walton Barrow, the first Prime Minister of Barbados (21st January).



Keisha Rouse

Programme / Majors: Private Secretary Diploma

My Favourite Activities: My favourite activities include swimming, reading, singing and dancing.

My Favourite Spot on Campus: My favourite spot is the library because it is very peaceful.

My Advice to New Students: If you need help, do not hesitate to ask. It is better to ask a question than to assume.

Fun Fact: I really enjoy teaching when my students haven’t had any sugar before class.



Christol Daw

Programme / Majors: Private Secretary Diploma 

My Favourite Activities: Dancing, reading and chilling with friends 

My Favourite Spot on Campus: The library (Wi-Fi & AC) 

My Advice to New Students: Always aim to become the best you can, stay focused on your end game and remember God loves you. 

Fun Fact: Always on Wattpad  



Abayomi Dallaway 

Programme / Majors: Chemistry and Mathematics

My Favourite Activities: Spending time in the garden

My Favourite Spot on Campus:  The library because it provides a quiet, comfortable environment to study and it also has the best internet connection throughout the campus

My Advice to New Students: Always be prepared.

Fun Fact: My name means 'born to bring joy', I have a secret admiration for foreign languages but can only speak one; English.



Jevon Rock

Programme / Majors: Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology

My Favourite Activities: Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology

My Favourite Spot on Campus:  Language Centre Lounge

My Advice to New Students: Keep focused 

Fun Fact: I’m a comedian


Melissa Ramnauth

Programme / Majors: Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science

My Favourite Activities: Hanging out in the cafeteria with friends from the different divisions.

My Favourite Spot on Campus:  Sitting on the benches under the trees as it is cool and has troops of monkeys for company.

My Advice to New Students: First year is the easiest year. Do not take it for granted. However, it does not mean you should stick your head in a book from A.M – P.M. Partake in the activities the College has to offer.

Fun Fact: I’m as jovial as an elf. I’m a food addict but just looking at me will be doubtful until you see.


Kenny Howell

Programme / Majors: Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry

My Favourite Activities: Socializing, watching sports and going on adventures

My Favourite Spot on Campus:  The canteen because for a moment you are allowed to get away from the rigours of school and can sit down, eat and share a light moment with your friends

My Advice to New Students: Take some time to visit one of the student counsellors on campus because with their help you can really maximize your time at BCC

Fun Fact: Big fan of the TV series Game of Thrones.


Akiel Roberts 

Programme / Majors: Associate Degree in Music

My Favourite Activities: Performing, chilling with friends at the beach / the movies, searching for different music techniques to use in my arranging or composing

My Favourite Spot on Campus:  Performance Hall (always something happening everyday)

My Advice to New Students: Time management is your best friend and always have your own notes for every class, because nothing is worse than having a topic come on a test and you never had it written down to study.

Fun Fact:  I love going to free concerts around the island to find different techniques to arrange music.


Brandon Griffith

Programme / Majors: Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics

My Favourite Activities: Listening to music

My Favourite Spot on Campus:  Language Centre

My Advice to New Students: Don't let the words of others limit your ability to succeed.

Fun Fact: I produce different genres of musical beats


Andrea Jordan

Programme / Majors: Associate degree in Accounting and Mathematics

Favourite hobbies: Reading, dancing, volunteering

Favourite spot on campus: Library- Wi-Fi and complete silence

Advice: Don’t lose focus on your studies, always do your best and enjoy the college life experience.

Fun Fact: Latin dancer



Amoury Beckles

Programme / Majors: Accounting, Economics and Information Technology

My Favourite Activities: Socialising with peers and gaming

My Favourite Spot on Campus:  Lounge downstairs in the Language Centre

My Advice to New Students: Never get arrogant in your studies and try to know or understand what kind of person you are as it relates to studying.

Fun Fact: Watching Anime is what makes me feel the most comfort. 



Zakiya Austin 

Programme / Majors: Business studies
My Favourite Activities: Netball, performing arts, writing
My Favourite Spot on Campus:  Library
My Advice to New Students: Stay focused on the goals you have set to achieve; don't let friends lead you astray
Fun Fact: I'm afraid of dogs and lizards. Keep them away from me.                                                                                                                  



Abigail Farley 

Programme/ Majors: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

My Favourite Activities: Reading, Playing Road Tennis

Favourite spot on campus: Library

My Advice to new students: Strive for good grades, seek a balance between your everyday tasks, and then find quality time for yourself.

Fun fact: I love creating characters for stories. It’s fun to develop their individual personalities.


Leanne Earle          

Programme / Majors: Law and Sociology
My Favourite Activities: Singing, Acting and Dance
Favourite spot on campus: Any class that has Wi-Fi 
My advice to new students: Don't procrastinate!!
Fun Fact:  None


Renecha Boyce

Programme/ Majors: Associates Degree in Business studies.

Activities: Writing, editing, graphic design, reading, watching documentaries on medieval times

Favourite spot on campus: Library

Fun fact: I have 2 obsessions, Aeroplanes and hats.

Advice to student: Have a level head, stay focused and strive for excellence. 



Christina Murray

Programme / Majors: Sociology & Literatures

Favourite activity: Painting & poetry.

Favourite spot: Language Centre lounge.

Advice: Take hold of every opportunity given no matter how "scary" or out of your comfort zone it may seem.

Fun fact: I have up to a blue belt in mix martial arts.



Kyisha Bullen

Programme / Majors: Hospitality Studies 

My Favourite Activities: Swimming and Reading

My Favourite Spot on Campus: Courtyard 

My advice to new students: Create goals and strive to achieve all of them

Fun Fact:  I love to tell jokes         



Sonja Moses

Programme / Majors: Media and Journalism

My Favourite Activities – Reading

My Favourite Spot on Campus – I don’t have a favourite spot on campus.

My Advice to New Students – My advice to you is that you have to learn how to balance and prioritize. Learn to say no to that friend who invites you to go to a cruise or fete, seriously, say no! Another thing, don’t sign up for a class with your friend unless it actually counts towards your major. No need to waste time and money. Of course, feel free if the course benefits you both.   

Fun Fact – I love photography

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