Students' Guild

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Whether you’re a part or full-time student, you’re represented by the Students Guild. This organisation is managed by the Guild Council, which comprises the President, Vice-President, and a representative from each Division. There are also committees responsible for sports, cultural activities, publications and welfare.


Students' Guild Executive 2017 - 2018


Kobie Broomes - President

Jamal Slocombe - Vice President

 Jamal Slocombe


Caitlain McKeever - Treasurer

Caitlain McKeever


Shawana Harris – Secretary

Treveir Springer - Assistant Secretary - Treasurer

Treveir Springer

Kenita Hamilton - Student Welfare Officer

Jheard Morris-Sealy  - Games Officer

Jheard Morris-Sealy

Gabrielle Pilgrim - Public Relations Officer


Contact any member of the Guild by emailing them at


Do you want to serve on the Guild Council? If you have a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00 or an average academic performance of grade C, then you can! Guild Council elections take place five weeks after the beginning of Semester 2; so students interested in holding office should enter their names for nomination. Find out more by visiting the Guild Office which is next to the canteen.