Deputy Principal's Message

Deputy Principal's Message
Published Monday, 04 March 2013
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Deputy PrincipalMuch valued students and other stakeholders, welcome to Barbados Community College’s (BCC’s) Website. BCC is a dynamic centre of learning whose mandate is to provide education and training for the local, regional and international communities to meet their needs. If you are regular students embarking on a transition from secondary schools for the purpose of gaining knowledge and skills to enter the workforce or progress to other institutions of higher learning, this is the place to be. If you are mature students wanting to enhance your knowledge base for yourselves, the world of work or for gaining even higher education, this is the place to be.  


BCC produces and delivers Bachelor’s Degrees, Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates – through a rigorous system of quality control that includes screening, vetting and validation - to its students. Indeed, the Office of the Deputy Principal ensures the quality of all the above mentioned programmes. 


The main staple of our deliverables is the Associate Degree (AD), in four broad areas; namely Arts, Applied Arts, Science and Applied Science. The raison d’être of the AD’s is preparation of students:    


  • For the workforce to a large extent  
  • For further university studies.      


Employers, as our stakeholder, you need to have specific and vibrant training programmes for your employees so as to enhance the general training that BCC delivers to our students. By liaising more closely with you, this educational institution can build in more relevance in our programmes; however, you need to play your part and join us on this path of continuous improvement.      


Students, BCC strives to give you a meaningful and exciting experience during your stay here. It ensures that you develop the necessary academic and social skills to navigate through life’s journey. The most important wish that I have for you is that you engage in the pursuit of lifelong learning. The world is continually changing; therefore you must continue to learn, adapt, survive and thrive.      


Lindsay Waterman  

Deputy Principal