Sharon Moise's Expedition

Sharon Joins Twenty Scientists and Four Other Artists on an Oceanographic Research Expedition
Published Monday, 02 July 2012
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Second year BFA student Sharon Moise took up an offer from the Duke University Marine Laboratory and the Division of Marine Science and Conservation to work with an oceanographic research expedition to study animal communities that live at 1500 to 5000 metres below sea level in the waters surrounding Barbados. She joined twenty scientists and four other artists, one who like Sharon produced water color illustrations of the animals and seabed environments, as well as three others who worked with video, photography and music! The team initially contacted the Division of Fine Arts because they wanted to invite an artist from Barbados who was interested in interpreting the natural environment.  Sharon lived aboard the Research Vessel Atlantis II (83 m) for 10 days in June 2012.  The team used a remotely operated vehicle named Jason to collect specimens and video from the deep sea that Sharon was then asked to reproduce and interpret. Sharon worked long 16-hour days producing sketches and watercolour studies of the specimens found in deep sea. Sharon described it as an "awesome experience." Her representational style and love for illustration made her an ideal candidate for the opportunity. She had to make two presentations to the crew about her work. Sharon said making these presentations reminded her of being at College.