Visual Arts

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Persons applying to this programme will be required to submit a porfolio.  It should include the following:

  1. Using materials of your choice, visually interpret, in colour, one of the most interesting and memorable events of your life and then explain it in not less than one hundred words (100) on the reverse side of the paper.
  2. Use cut/torn paper to construct a collage representing one of the following: a still life composition, or a landscape.
  3. Make a free-hand drawing of part of a room, which includes at least three pieces of furniture or three objects. Draw this view as realistically as possible, placing emphasis on shading and proportion.
  4. Arrange two chairs in an interesting way, then make a drawing of these chairs as accurately as you can. This drawing is to be done free-hand - you may not use a ruler to help you do the drawing.
  5. Select three objects and place them on a window sill/ledge, or a table in front of a window where you can see both the objects and the view beyond. Make a drawing of the objects and the view behind the objects.
  6. Make a drawing of your hand holding an object that has special meaning to you.

Each assignment must be completed on a separate sheet of 279mm X 420mm (11¾ X 16½) paper.   Additional work should not be submitted.