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Management System

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Board of Management

The College is administered by a Board of Management consisting of nine persons, under a Chairman, appointed by the Minister of Education. The Board meets on the first Wednesday of every month to:

  • Manage, conduct and supervise the activities of the College
  • Have general supervision of the buildings, premises and grounds of the
  • Enquire into and adjudicate upon disciplinary charges against students
    or members of the college staff

Members of the Board are:

  • Professor Velma Newton - Chairman
  • Dr. Idamay Denny - Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Randy Eastmond
  • Ms. Reva Graham
  • Ms. Gillean Alleyne
  • Mrs. Evadne Wiltshire-Brewster
  • Mr. Chris Cooke-Johnson
  • Dr. Pamela Dottin
  • Mr. Dayle Haynes
  • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training



Administrative Staff


The Principal is administrative head of the College and is appointed by the Board of Management. The Principal is responsible to it for the internal organisation and administration of the College. Other senior administrative officers are the:

  • Deputy Principal
  • Registrar
  • Finance Officer
  • Senior Tutors/Directors

There are regular meetings of the four administrative officers to ensure the coordination of programmes.


College, Divisional and Programme Advisory Committees


The College has a College Planning and Advisory Committee. It comprises the:

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Registrar
  • Finance Officer
  • Senior Tutors/Directors
  • College Librarian
  • Tutor I - Physical Education
  • Curriculum Development Specialist
  • President - Staff Association
  • Two representatives from the Students’ Guild

The committee deals with all aspects of College life and makes recommendations designed to improve the overall operations of the College.


Providing assistance in developing programmes


There is also an Advisory Committee at the Divisional level. Each committee consists of the Principal, the Senior Tutor/Director of the Division and persons engaged in occupations directly related to the training programmes offered in the Division. The main purpose of the Divisional Advisory Committee is to provide assistance in programme development and to recommend the introduction of alternative or additional programmes which have direct relevance to the development trends in the community. In addition, there are Programme Advisory Committees in some areas where the nature of the programme warrants it.

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