Substance Abuse & HIV/AIDS Mural Unveiled

Published Friday, 10 September 2010
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This mural with its theme “I Make the Choice” is an example of true collaboration. The mural is reminding all of us that the choice is ours. It speaks in the first person and proclaims that I make the choice to avoid all high risk activities that would be detrimental to my health, life or future. In an environment where a high proportion of our population is in the 16 – 22 age group we need to constantly remind ourselves and others on the need to adopt safe and healthy lifestyles. Both HIV/AIDS and substance abuse are highlighted in the mural.


The mural is a collaborative project between The NCSA and BCC Students Guild. Many thanks to NCSA for the financial and other resources put into the project. The Students Guild being conscious of the need to continuously sensitize its members solicited the assistance of the NCSA. It was during the execution of one of the projects (Drug Awareness Week) that the idea for the mural was born out of discussions among Ashley Vaughn, Stefan Knight and Paulavette Atkinson.


Then Student Guild President, Mr. Stefan Knight, wrote the Principal requesting permission to collaborate with NCSA to produce a mural on the western wall of the Liberal Arts Auditorium (LAA). The permission was granted to work with the students in the Division of Fine Arts to produce the mural. Discussions were then held with Mrs. Allison Thompson who selected the staff to supervise the project.


The project was coordinated by Mrs. Paulavette Atkinson from NCSA and Mrs. Allison Thompson, Senior Tutor (Ag.), Division of Fine Arts, Barbados Community College.


Mr. Akyem-I Ramsay supervised the students throughout the project from conception to completion. He got the students to sketch their ideas and talk through them to refinement. The mural was painted by the Division of Fine Arts BFA students - Class of 2012.


Rodney Aarons-Messiah

Matthew Alleyne

Evan Avery

Adrian Catlin 

Nicholas Grimes

Versia Harris

Shanika Sealy


We are pleased that through this collaborative project we have a continuous message being delivered to everyone who enters the BCC premises. I compliment the students and staff in the Division of Fine Arts for the production of this fine work which is both educational and aesthetically pleasing.