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The Division of Science offers an Associate Degree in Science, comprising a combination of two or three majors from Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics and Physics. The flexibility of the College’s timetable also allows students to combine any of the majors in science, with majors from other divisions in the college. The division also offers an Associate Degree in Agriculture.

The Division of Science emphasizes scientific methods of enquiry, allowing students to explore their world, to function in various scientific fields and to prepare for further scientific studies. Not only are students challenged in the exploration of laboratory applications, they are also encouraged to be innovative and are given the opportunity to display their creations through exhibitions at the end of their fourth semester. In the student-centered approach to teaching, which integrates the use of Multimedia Technology, entrepreneurial skills are encouraged and students are challenged to think of non-traditional scientific career choices.

For the Associate Degree in Agricultural Studies, the programme is done over five semesters, enabling students to integrate theoretical knowledge with day-to-day farming activities on a continuous basis. The first semester includes bridging courses which are designed to introduce students to basic scientific principles.  The practical experience is completed in four attachment sessions for five weeks at the end of each semester, sttarting from semester two.  Students are assigned to farms throughout the island, where they are given an opportunity to practice what they have been taught and gain experience in the running of a farm.

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