Division of Fine Arts

A Centre for the Visual & Performing Arts

Why Pursue Fine Arts?

Artistic expression is a human gift! It represents our ability to speak through thought-provoking art.

Yet the Arts are often seen by the uninitiated as a vague, abstract concept. That’s why at BCC, our Fine Arts programmes not only teach students about the importance of the Arts for their own development. They teach them how to teach others.

Our diverse programmes ensure that students receive a thorough grounding in practical, technical and theoretical aspects of training in the arts.  They develop skills and capabilities that prepare them for a wide range of cultural, educational, performance and design professions. 


Our commitment

We’re committed to giving our students an educational experience which incorporates a diversity of approaches while maintaining a high level of expertise and intellectual rigour.

In addition to our educational programmes, we present:

  • exhibitions and performances
  • public lectures
  • film screenings
  • workshops

These contribute to a vibrant environment for students and the wider public, fully embracing the concept of a ‘community’.

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