Division of Liberal Arts

Are you interested in developing critical thinking skills; understanding yourself, society and global environment; gaining valuable knowledge of the past so you can better navigate your present and future? Do you want to equip yourself with the soft skills employers are looking for like the capacity to interact effectively and harmoniously; to demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence and integrity; to have a sense of responsibility; and to work as a team? Then the Division of Liberal Arts is the place to be.

Through full-time study in areas offered by Liberal Arts such as Geography, History, Literatures in English and Sociology, we can also equip you for further study or connect you with combinations of courses in arts and sciences or provide pathways to vocational, technical or professional programmes offered at the BCC, regional and international universities. Subjects in Liberal Arts can prepare you for careers in law, journalism, social work, psychology, education, management, website development, publishing, editing, writing, meteorology, archeology, translating, public relations, community services, environmental management.

You may be interested in part-time study and want to work in libraries, information centres, research agencies, and information bureaus. Apply to take our Library Information Technician’s Certificate Programme and also secure an attachment to a library or research environment of your choice!

We put the human in the Humanities, and even as we hold the Division of Liberal Arts to the highest academic standards, our teaching staff is also committed wherever, whenever possible, to the development of the whole student.

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