• Award:Associate Degree
  • Study Mode:Full-Time
  • Duration:2 Years


Government and Political Studies is an analytical, rigorous, stimulating and exciting major designed to prepare students for entry in the work place and also for admission to a higher level of study. It exposes students to the basic political theories and frameworks, and provides information about the theories and models existing in the world of political science. The major examines the procedures used when accounting for various challenges faced globally by governments and civil society. It sharpens the analytical skills of the students and develops critical thinkers capable of   making informed decisions.


Admission Requirements


The minimum requirements for entry into the College are:

  • Four (4) passes at CSEC General Proficiency Level with Grade 1, 2, or 3 (from June 1998 only) OR
  • Four (4) passes at GCE Ordinary Level with Grades A, B or C OR
  • Any qualification considered by the College to be equivalent to the abovementioned.

NB: English Language must be included in the four (4) passes.


Mature Applicants

Persons 25 years or older who do not satisfy the above academic requirements may be admitted to the College as mature students. Such persons may be required to attend an interview to determine their eligibility for admission. 


Candidates for this major are generally drawn from secondary schools across the island. The major also attracts adults seeking a change in career, students from other Caribbean states, as well as transfer students from within the College.


Graduates of this major will be able to successfully compete for positions in research and teaching, and will be able to pursue further studies in this field.

Description of Courses

The Major in Government and Political Studies must be done in conjunction with at least one other major offered by the College. Students are required to supplement their majors with compulsory Core Courses as well as Electives, in accordance with College policy. Further, it is compulsory for all students of the above captioned major to read for Research Methodology.

This Major is organized into four semesters. It comprises eight (8) courses in Government and Political Studies with each course earning three (3) credits.

Programme Structure

Year 1
Semester 1Code
Introduction To Political Analysis GOVT100
Human Rights And Civil Liberties GOVT102
Semester 2Code
Introduction To Political Theory GOVT101
Caribbean Political Thought GOVT103
Year 2
Semester 1Code
Comparative Government GOVT200
Caribbean State Development GOVT201
Semester 2Code
Caribbean Political Economy GOVT202
Ir: International Politics GOVT203
Research Methodology * GEED207

Barbados Community College

Introduction To Political Analysis


Barbados Community College

Human Rights And Civil Liberties


Barbados Community College

Introduction To Political Theory


Barbados Community College

Caribbean Political Thought


Barbados Community College

Comparative Government


Barbados Community College

Caribbean State Development


Barbados Community College

Caribbean Political Economy


Barbados Community College

Ir: International Politics


Barbados Community College

Research Methodology *


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