• Award:Associate Degree
  • Study Mode:Full-Time
  • Duration:2 Years


The Department of Law is an integral unit of the Division of Commerce, its central focus being the building of sound deductive reasoning and analysis and the application of such skills to specialized areas of Law.

We live in a society in which our daily lives are touched by legal rules and regulations which can be complex in nature and dynamic in pace. The study of law responds to this anomaly by focusing on rules, regulations and principles which comprise our legal system and which have the effect of limiting or otherwise restricting conduct. 

As a subject area, law remains pivotal as a buttress to other studies in the Division of Commerce by providing an understanding of the legal frame-work within which we all operate. It combines well with other majors offered at the BCC and is a stepping-stone to any area of work or study including a profession as a practicing Attorney-at-Law.


Study for the Major in Law spans a two year period during which students are prepared for further academic study or to be auxiliary professions in the legal arena. It stresses the main aspects of law and gives the philosophies, which shape a system of rules.

The Law major is taught over four semesters and carries 24 credits. As law in itself is very wide and far-reaching the courses comprising this major are those, which are key to any study of law.

The main objectives of the department of Law are: 

  • To provide students with knowledge of basic legal theories, rules and principles
  • To foster an understanding of the classification of law into its various sectors
  • To apply legal principles, rules and authorities to individual cases
  • To encourage students to think critically about legal issues and to establish a relationship between law and fundamental issues
  • To develop an awareness of how legality and a system of rules permeates human experience.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for entry into the College are:

  • Four (4) passes at CSEC General Proficiency Level with Grade 1, 2, or 3 (from June 1998 only) OR
  • Four (4) passes at GCE Ordinary Level with Grades A, B or C OR
  • Any qualification considered by the College to be equivalent to the abovementioned.

NB: English Language must be included in the four (4) passes.

Mature Applicants

Persons 25 years or older who do not satisfy the above academic requirements may be admitted to the College as mature students. Such persons may be required to attend an interview to determine their eligibility for admission.


Candidates for this major are generally drawn from secondary schools across the island. It also attracts those who demonstrate a marked interest in topics of a legal nature and the ability to understand technical concepts and principles.


The Law major provides an excellent opportunity for students to have a career in virtually any field of work as law is an integral part of all types of work especially in a globalised society. More specifically it lays the groundwork for further studies leading to a career as an Attorney-at-Law as well as in many of the auxiliary legal support staff positions.

Programme Structure

Year 1
Semester 1CodeCredits
The Legal System ALAW1003
Constitutional & Administrative Law ALAW1013
Semester 2CodeCredits
Elements Of Criminal Liability ALAW1023
Police Powers & Sentencing ALAW1033
Year 2
Semester 1CodeCredits
Law Of Contract ALAW2003
Elements Of Consumer Law ALAW2013
Semester 2CodeCredits
Law Of Torts 1 ALAW2023
Law Of Torts 2 ALAW2033

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The Legal System


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Constitutional & Administrative Law


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Elements Of Criminal Liability


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Police Powers & Sentencing


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Law Of Contract


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Elements Of Consumer Law


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Law Of Torts 1


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Law Of Torts 2


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