• Award:Associate Degree
  • Study Mode:Full-Time
  • Duration:2 Years


The Associate Degree in Visual Arts is a two year programme for students who are at the beginning of their explorations in art and design. The programme is broad based, encompassing both studio and electronic practices. Students ground their practice in drawing, design, painting and sculpture, but also work freely across printmaking, photography, digital media and video. In the practical courses students learn through application and are encouraged to adopt an experimental and open-minded approach, take creative risks and solve problems.

Our environment is demanding and rigorous. The programme is organized in stages. Much of the work in the first year is problem-solving orientated. Later, the activities and project assignments become more problem-defining orientated. This means that the student participates in defining the problems themselves. This gives students the opportunity to work over a sustained period on the development of projects in specific areas, culminating in a final exhibition.

Admission Requirements

Prospective students should:

  • have passes in four (4) CSEC subjects at General Proficiency level, grade I, II or III (with effect from June 1998) or equivalent, including English.
  • have a portfolio of compulsory projects outlined on the application form and the BCC website.

Applicants that are 25 years and over will be admitted as mature students.

Programme Structure

Year 1
Semester 1Code
2D Visual Language VSRT100
2D Objective Representation VSRT101
3D Visual Language VSRT102
Art & Ideas ARTH100
English & Communication CORE100
Ethics & Citizenship CORE101
Semester 2Code
2D Visual Language II VSRT104
2D Objective Representation II VSRT105
3D Objective Representation VSRT106
World Art I ARTH101
Caribbean Politics & Society CORE102
Practical Maths CORE103
Year 2
Semester 1Code
Interrelated Media VSRT211
Fine Arts I VSRT212
Graphic Design I VSRT213
World Art II ARTH200
2D Objective Representation III VSRT218
Elective GEED
Semester 2Code
Fine Arts Drawing VSRT214
- OR -
Graphic Design Drawing VSRT216
Fine Arts II VSRT215
- OR -
Graphic Design II VSRT217
Caribbean Culture Studies ARTH201
World Art III ARTH210

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English & Communication


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Ethics & Citizenship


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Caribbean Politics & Society


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Practical Maths


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2D Visual Language


This course introduces the elements, principles and techniques of two- dimensional design, and provides practice in the use of the basic visual vocabulary. Students explore design in black and white as well as in colour. Development of ideas, problem solving, research, media and material selection skills are practiced as essential to developing a visual language. This visual language is the basis of design creation. New technology will be balanced with traditional media techniques to provide and prepare students with necessary options for their future choices.

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2D Objective Representation


This introductory course to drawing develops observational skills through experimentation with various approaches, styles, techniques and media as students are challenged to truly see and translate observation into inventive, expressive and thoughtful drawings. Students explore a variety of themes and subject matter, mainly still life, landscape/architecture and the human figure. The course is made up of two modules: Objective Drawing and Figure Drawing

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3D Visual Language


This course is an introduction to three-dimensional visual communication. Students explore elements such as line, form, volume, texture and the organization and creative use of these elements in tangible space. Students are also introduced to basic fabrication processes, materials and the technical thinking skills applicable to creating in the three-dimensional context.

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Art & Ideas


This course assists students in making the transition into the world of art through the exploration of the relationship between art and society with emphasis on the philosophical, religious, socio-political and technological aspects. It also gives students an introduction to the main topics of world art. In addition, the course explores icons and symbols and their use in art and the wider society. Students will further be introduced to classical as well as avant-garde works and will learn to ‘read’ and critique works of art. They will also explore the creative process through multimedia, classroom and gallery activities and they will be introduced to the basic logistics of curating art exhibitions.

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2D Visual Language II


This second 2-Dimension (2-D) visual language course continues the exploration of the elements and principles of visual language begun in Visual Language I. This is an intensive course focusing primarily on design and concept development to arrive at a personal solution to a given theme or problem. This design component is covered in Module I and supported by two introductory modules, one on printmaking and the other on photography.

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2D Objective Representation II


This course will further explore the fundamentals of observational drawing, where students use a range of materials and techniques to continue the development of perceptual and recording skills, with an emphasis on work in colour. Through the use of painting media, students will explore a variety of subject matter as they develop an understanding of composition, representation and sensitivity by applying basic colour theory.

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3D Objective Representation


This course builds on the fundamentals of three-dimensional visual communication introduced in VSRT 102. The course consists of one module in ceramics and one in sculpture and design. In these modules, students extend their design awareness and critical analysis skills as they further explore 3D design principles.

Barbados Community College

World Art I


This course seeks to enable students to describe and discuss art history of the western world from pre-history to the rococo period. Students first explore the notions of history writing and art history and reflect on the sociocultural motivations for producing artistic works and on the significance of art in the development of human civilization. Students examine the primary artistic media (architecture, sculpture and painting) as well as the minor arts through the ages and geographical spaces, differentiating and comparing movements, styles and religious, social and political emphases both concurrent and consecutive. The course encourages students to be critically engaged in the technical and philosophical development of their own work and that of others.

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2D Objective Representation III


This course helps the students to expand their drawing and painting skills aesthetically and conceptually. The aim is to support the students in the exploration of drawing and painting through a diverse range of attitudes and proposals. The students will develop their skills and understanding through experimentation with materials, methods and visual problems/ideas. The course consists of one module in drawing and one in painting.

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Interrelated Media


Interrelated Media is a practical, foundational, idea driven course that introduces the student to the expressive possibilities of art making with communications media and digital time-based art forms. It consists of three modules: Computer Graphics, Video and Digital Photography which introduce students to processes and image manipulation using design software on the computer. The course guides students in the use of the language, methodology and technical processes, assisting them to generate ideas and execute them effectively.

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Fine Arts I


In this course, students explore techniques, materials and working processes in the key fine art media of ceramics, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Students choose the module on ONE of these media as the course content for VSRT 212. They undertake directed projects in their chosen medium to develop their technical knowledge and skill while exploring different methods for realizing works of art from visual ideas.

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Graphic Design I


This course is an intensive exploration of the fundamental principles of graphic design, with an emphasis on the creative process. Students will investigate the use of shape, colour, hierarchy, word/image relationships and typography as communicative tools and will begin to manipulate these tools to visually express information and ideas. The course is a working studio class and through demonstrations and hands-on work students learn to solve vital communication design problems.

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World Art II


World Art II is a chronological survey of the art history of the western world from the French Revolution to post-modernism. The course looks at major artists and the art works of the period and, mindful of the political and social implications, discusses the factors which have influenced the development of the styles of the period. It assesses the influences and effects of art developed in the late nineteenth century and twentieth century through the Post War periods on what is known as contemporary art in both Europe and the United States of America. The course also examines the importance of technological advances and the influence of religion and philosophy.

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Fine Arts Drawing


This course is concerned with developing the students’ approach to two-dimensional art making, combining technique, theory and creative exploration in traditional/digital media resulting in a ‘sketchbook’ based on the students self-initiated final project.

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Fine Arts II


This course requires the student to develop a self-initiated project on a specific issue or idea of a personal interest. The project will be the execution/implementation of the design or “drawing plans” produced in the Sketchbook prepared in VSRT 214. Students will be guided in organizing a programme of research and a project implementation plan leading to the production and presentation of a final project.

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Graphic Design Drawing


This course will explore drawing and illustration with a strong emphasis on concept. While drawing skills and techniques are a large part of the class we will also focus on concepts and the process by which ideas are developed, edited and ultimately presented in both personal and public contexts. Students will explore visual communication problem solving theories and methodologies in order to solve problems in the design process. The course employs an open-minded approach to the use of a diversity of media and emphasizes both imagination and individual expression through the continuous development of skill in drawing.

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Graphic Design II


Graphic Design II emphasizes students’ development as visual communication professionals, preparing them to function competently at all levels of the contemporary graphic design arena. Students continue their exploration of visual communication, getting further practice in concept development and the use of current graphic design technology to conceptualize and build design products in and for today’s real world print and virtual environments. Students are assisted in mastering the technical specifics of branding, integrating design elements to complete discrete brand promotion items (posters, labels, magazines, billboards, packaging, etc.) for physical environments (commercial, educational, social, personal, artistic). The course also introduces students to sequential art as a graphic design output. Additionally, students treat to branding in the broadest holistic approach that seeks to achieve a comprehensive visual communication purpose or outcome. Students work at becoming the Graphic Design Professionals who will be charged with building a brand totality. This macro level total graphic design product integrates finished brand items, new design products as required for installation and the client’s strategic focus, all engineered to realize the client’s desired interface with the targeted public. Throughout the course, students complete a portfolio of projects in an active interface with contemporary design techniques, issues and approaches.

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Caribbean Culture Studies


Required Fine Arts elective

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World Art III


ARTH 210 World Art III is a survey of contemporary art and design from the 1990s to the present as both a reflection on contemporary society and a forum in which students can deepen their understanding of the globalized world and their place in it. Focusing on concepts and themes as well as materials and methods, this course explores central ideas and trends emerging in contemporary art.

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