Associate Degree in Health Information Management (Full-Time)

  • Award:Associate Degree
  • Study Mode:Full-Time
  • Duration:2 Years


The Barbados Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Management (HIM). The HIM curriculum combines the disciplines of medical records management, information technology, health care, human resources and law. The programme is very diverse and extensively covers the principles and practices of acquiring, analysing, and protecting electronic and traditional health information essential to patient safety, confidentiality and quality health care. 

As a programme of the Division of Health Sciences, the goals of the Health Information Management (HIM) Programme are developed in accordance with the underlying purpose and mission of the Barbados Community College. In response to the educational, economic and community needs of the service areas, the HIM program is committed to producing innovative competent, confident and knowledgeable graduates for health care delivery organizations and associated entities, both governmental and non-governmental.

We therefore seek to:

  1. Instil a commitment to lifelong learning and important ethical values.
  2. Offer a high quality education through the creation of a positive, supportive environment in which teaching, learning and research might take place.
  3. Provide innovative teaching and learning experiences with the use of information technology tools and applications.
  4. Prepare students for meaningful participation in society as responsible citizens who are fully aware of the mutual rights, duties and obligations of all persons.
  5. Develop the skills and competencies necessary for effective communication.


Upon completion of the HIM programme graduates will be able to work with health information systems, managing medical records, and coding information for reimbursement and research.

The graduates will be uniquely qualified to:

  1. Code and classify data for statistical, research and reimbursement purposes.
  2. Ensure health information is complete and available to legitimate users.
  3. Analyse information necessary for decision support.
  4. Protect patient privacy and confidentiality as well as provide information security.
  5. Enhance the quality and uses of data within healthcare.
  6. Supervise/Manage health information computer systems.
  7. Comply with standards and regulations related to health information locally, regionally and internationally.
  8. Prepare and analyse clinical data for research.

Admission Requirements

Four (4) CSEC General Certificates are required, including English, Mathematics, and a Science Subject.


The Health Information Management programme prepares graduates for employment in hospitals, nursing homes, physician’s offices, mental health facilities and health insurance organizations. The two-year Associate Degree in Health Information Management combines broad academic knowledge with strong, practical training through seminars, laboratory sessions and off-campus work experiences. Faculty includes a full-time instructor supported by other faculty in the college and a cadre of professional part-time instructors. In addition, faculty meets regularly with an Advisory Committee, comprised of stakeholders who are working in several areas related to Health Information Management.

This two-year programme prepares students for entry-level jobs as Health Information Technicians (HITS)/medical records clerks.

The programme is organized into five semesters with a total of 80 credits. The programme consists of general education, support and health information courses. Health information management and technology courses are designed to utilize learning in general education and to provide knowledge and skills to fulfil the objectives of the programme. Concurrent theoretical and clinical experience enhances the relationship of theory to practice for the student.


Graduates of this programme will be able to work as HITS/Medical Record Clerks in health care facilities such as hospitals and other long-term care facilities, physicians’ offices, and insurance companies, cancer registries or research offices.

This programme is based on the concept that the preparation of HITs requires a combination of general knowledge and technical competency. Students in this programme may come directly from secondary school or from other fields of endeavour.

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