• Award:Certificate
  • Study Mode:Full-Time
  • Duration:1 Year


Once students have completed the 4 year Bachelor Course in General Nursing they can then continue their studying by completing the Post Associate BSe Nursing Program.

The College offers a one-year full-time programme for Nursing Assistants. The programme is open to persons seventeen and older.

A Nursing Assistant will be able, under the supervision of a nurse to:

  • Give requisite nursing care.
  • Recognise physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of patients and families.
  • Give skilled nursing care relating to the basic needs of patients and families.
  • Function as an interdependent member of the health team.
  • Maintain ethical and moral standards required in nursing.

Successful completion of the programme leads to a Barbados Community College Certificate. Successful completion of the General Nursing Council’s Examination leads to enrolment and to the title “Enrolled Nursing Assistant”.

Admission Requirements

The requirements are passes in two (2) CSEC subjects at General Proficiency or equivalent level in English and one other subject (preferably a science subject) 

Admission is on a competitive basis and qualified applicants are required to attend a selection interview.


Pre-Entrance Medicals

Students are required to provide evidence that they have received:

  1. Full Medical Examination
    • Chest X-ray
    • Routine urinalysis
    • Throat swab
    • Full blood count
    • VDRL 
  2. Immunizations 
    • Mantoux—BCG if necessary
    • Tetanus Toxoid
    • Polio Vaccine x three doses at four (4) weekly intervals
    • Hepatitis B Vaccine x 3
  3. Dental Examination
    • Submission of a dental certificate to the indicate dental health status



Students are expected to wear a full uniform for clinical practice.

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