Scores of students from public and private secondary schools across the island filled up the Barbados Community College’s playing field in March for the big return of the College Expo. 

One of the coordinators, Makeda Hart noted that close to 40 buses came through the BCC over the two days of the Expo. On them were students from neighbouring schools like Springer Memorial and Parkinson Secondary, but also from as far as the Lodge School from the east, Alexandra and Coleridge and Parry from the north to the College Expo. Overall, 15 of the 21 public secondary schools responded to the call for students to attend the event, while students from one private school, Providence Secondary took part. 

Ms. Hart, who is the Assistant Registrar with responsibility for Exams, reported that booths from Divisions of Technology, Fine Arts, particularly Music and Health Sciences - specifically General Nursing - were among the students’ favourites. The Health Sciences booth stood out on both days, as the live demonstrations kept the students engaged. 

A number of exhibitors from corporate Barbados and a large number of sponsors contributed to making the event, the first since the COVID-19 pandemic, a huge success. 

Fourteen exhibitors had a presence on the playing field, providing games for prizes, and other giveaways, along with educational material. The collaboration between the divisions and the corporations was very positive. The organizer said “Overall, the event was sponsored by 43 companies and that in my view must be lauded given the short space of time that we called them to action”. 

She also praise the divisions and the departments for the fantastic job they did in engaging the students, as well as the spot support provided by the Registry. 

Ms. Hart admitted a lag in activity early on but said things picked up as the day went on. She’s also projecting an even more exciting event next year. “To be fair, we had a slow start on Wednesday morning as people were adjusting, but in the afternoon the activities ramped up and the students were happy. Personal interactions from students indicated that they now have a better understanding of our program offerings and we are definitely seen as an alternative outside of 6th form.  I can only see us getting bigger and better from this point on”.

Below are some pictures displaying the event.

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