• Award:Associate Degree
  • Study Mode:Full-Time
  • Duration:2 Years


The programme consists of two (2) years of full-time study. The rationale of the programme is to produce highly skilled and motivated marketing personnel capable of meeting the challenges of a global marketplace through carefully planned and delivered learning experiences.

The Marketing major will be an addition to the current full-time academic offerings in the Division of Commerce. It will provide an opportunity for students in the Business Studies stream of secondary schools with an interest in and flair for marketing to enhance their knowledge of the subject.        

Participants in the programme will be required to pursue only two courses per semester in this major, but must take at one other major.


On completion of this programme students will have:

  • Acquired a diverse body of business knowledge relevant to the global marketplace
  • Developed effective research skills
  • Developed effective oral and written communications skills
  • Enhanced their interpersonal skills.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for entry into the College are:

  • Four (4) passes at CSEC General Proficiency Level with Grade 1, 2, or 3 (from June 1998 only) OR
  • Four (4) passes at GCE Ordinary Level with Grades A, B or C OR
  • Any qualification considered by the College to be equivalent to the abovementioned.

 NB. English Language must be included in the four (4) passes.

Mature Applicants

Persons 25 years or older who do not satisfy the above academic requirements may be admitted to the College as mature students. Such persons may be required to attend an interview to determine their eligibility for admission.

Description of Courses

In keeping with all Associate Degree programmes in the Barbados Community College, students are required to complete core, major and elective courses as follows:

Core Courses (12 Credits)

  • English and Communication
  • Ethics and Citizenship
  • Caribbean Politics and Society
  • Practical Mathematics

Majors (54 credits)

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Computer Awareness

Electives (6 credits)

Minimum of two (2) courses. Elective courses are in these three (3) categories: 

  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Physical/Biological

Programme Structure

Year 1
Semester 1Code
English & Communication CORE100
Principles Of Accounting 1 ACCT100
Marketing And Buyer Behaviour MKTG100
Practical Maths CORE103
Marketing Research 1 MKTG205
Principles Of Management BUST100
Semester 2Code
Mathematics BUST102
Elements Of Microeconomics ECON100
Marketing Research 2 MKTG215
Caribbean Politics & Society CORE102
Ethics & Citizenship CORE101
Product Management MKTG200
Year 2
Semester 1Code
Distribution Management MKTG203
Quantitative Aspect Of Marketing MKTG202
Marketing Communications 1 MKTG204
Computer Applications GEED160
Elements Of Macroeconomics ECON101
Semester 2Code
Marketing Communications 2 MKTG214
Strategic Marketing Management MKTG206
International Marketing MKTG207
Business Law BLAW100
Marketing Project MKTG220

Barbados Community College

English & Communication


Barbados Community College

Ethics & Citizenship


Barbados Community College

Caribbean Politics & Society


Barbados Community College

Practical Maths


Barbados Community College

Elements Of Microeconomics


Barbados Community College

Principles Of Accounting 1


Barbados Community College

Principles Of Management


Barbados Community College

Marketing And Buyer Behaviour


Barbados Community College



Barbados Community College

Elements Of Macroeconomics


Barbados Community College

Business Law


Barbados Community College

Marketing Research 1


Barbados Community College

Marketing Research 2


Barbados Community College

Product Management


Barbados Community College

Marketing Communications 1


Barbados Community College

Distribution Management


Barbados Community College

Marketing Communications 2


Barbados Community College

Strategic Marketing Management


Barbados Community College

Computer Applications


Barbados Community College

Quantitative Aspect Of Marketing


Barbados Community College

International Marketing


Barbados Community College

Marketing Project


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