• Award:Bachelor Degree
  • Study Mode:Full-Time
  • Duration:4 Years


What is Arts and Entertainment Management?

Arts and Entertainment Management is a field of study which enables students to manage, coordinate and produce operations related to arts and entertainment. It applies business principles to the facilitation, distribution and success of arts and entertainment ventures. Students with this degree may go on to pursue careers as managers of or administrators in arts-related institutions, event planners, arts and entertainment marketers, artist managers, self-managed artists, or they may work in other related careers in the Arts and Entertainment landscape.


With the growing importance of creative practice to the economic and cultural life of Barbados and the wider Caribbean region, the BA Arts & Entertainment Management programme will make a significant contribution to both professional expertise and individual career opportunity within this sector.

This programme is suitable for arts & entertainment prospective managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, and creative practitioners of all disciplines. 


Why choose the BCC BA AEM?

This is a great way to meet people and a hot spot for networking. Everyday you have the opportunity to meet musicians, dancers, actors, theatre technicians, visual artists, graphic artists, studio artists, fashion designers and interior designers within the Division of Fine Arts. You also have the opportunity to meet managers, cultural practitioners, and other administrators and key players in the industry through your tutors, your work-based learning internship placements and various class projects.


Our Classes

Our classes cover a number of disciplines relative to the the arts and entertainment industry. Study will include management, marketing, legal and business frameworks, finance, event management and other AEM-related areas, and students will engage in research, idea generation, proposal writing, strategic planning, live, hands-on creative projects and study visits.


Our Tutors

Our courses are led by tutors who are qualified in the discipline that they teach and many currently work in the same or a related area. Some classes will also feature informative guest lecturers.


Our Students

Our students represent a mix of backgrounds, experiences and ages, and have included entrepreneurs, creative practitioners, teachers, event planners, musicians, dancers, theatre technicians, visual artists, DJs and artist managers together with students fresh out of secondary school.

Admission Requirements

Five (5) passes at CSEC General Proficiency Level with Grade 1, 2, or 3, or equivalent including English Language.  

Persons whose native language is not English should have a TOEFL score of 550.

Persons 25 years or older who do not possess the minimum qualifications may be admitted as Mature Students. This is subject to approval by the Division.

Programme Structure

Year 1
Semester 1Code
The Aem Student Journey AEMN100
Contemporary Arts & Entertainment Practice AEMN101
Digital Communication & Design AEMN102
Caribbean Culture Studies ARTH201
English & Communication CORE100
Semester 2Code
Cultural Ecology AEMN103
Management Frameworks AEMN104
Legal And Business Frameworks AEMN105
Practical Maths CORE103
Year 2
Semester 1Code
Cultural Theory 1 AEMN200
Hr Management For The Arts AEMN204
Legal And Business Practice AEMN205
Finance For Art Managers AEMN206
Caribbean Politics & Society CORE102
Semester 2Code
Marketing For The Arts 1 AEMN207
Cultural Theory In Practice AEMN210
Small Business Development & Entrepreneurship BUST205
Research Methodology * GEED207
Ethics & Citizenship CORE101
Year 3
Semester 1Code
Innovation For Commercial Creativity AEMN300
Arts & Entertainment Digital Applications AEMN302
Event Management 1 AEMN303
Marketing For The Arts 2 AEMN307
Art Discipline
Semester 2Code
Innovation Creative Project AEMN310
Event Management 2 AEMN313
Marketing For The Arts 3 AEMN317
Art Discipline
Year 4
Semester 1Code
Managing The Artist AEMN400
Research Project (Year-Long) AEMN410
Work-Based Learning (Year-Long) AEMN412
Semester 2Code
Research Project (Year-Long) AEMN410
Work-Based Learning (Year-Long) AEMN412
Summer 1Code
Work-Based Learning (Year-Long) AEMN412

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English & Communication


Barbados Community College

Ethics & Citizenship


Barbados Community College

Caribbean Politics & Society


Barbados Community College

Practical Maths


Barbados Community College

Caribbean Culture Studies


Required Fine Arts elective

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Small Business Development & Entrepreneurship


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Research Methodology *


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The Aem Student Journey


An introduction to key study skills, as well as attitudes, approaches and techniques that will support student experience and achievement. The wide-ranging list of topics includes learning styles, academic terms and tools and work planning techniques.

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Contemporary Arts & Entertainment Practice


This course enhances students’ understanding of arts and entertainment practice in Barbados and the Caribbean. Students learn first-hand, factual and cultural information about the island's arts and entertainment landscape, including policies, key contributors, festivals, venues and the value of primary research and 'real life' experience.

Barbados Community College

Digital Communication & Design


The course provides students with insight, knowledge and practical skills required for digital communication and design in contemporary arts and entertainment practice. It uses a hands-on delivery mode to explore devices, software and basic design principles to enable students to use digital technologies in their coursework while they gain a theoretical and experiential base for management of technology in the AEM sector.

Barbados Community College

Cultural Ecology


This course introduces students to the global ecosystem of arts and entertainment practice, examining the subsystems of cultural disciplines, organizations, institutions and infrastructures in diverse contexts, cultures and regions.

Barbados Community College

Management Frameworks


This course introduces students to management principles, theories and good practices with the focus on Arts and Entertainment Management. It examines management functions in the framework of content-led organizations, contrasting these with other types of organizations and business structures.

Barbados Community College

Legal And Business Frameworks


An introduction to legal and business concepts and principles within the entertainment industry. It is designed to introduce students to legal issues relevant to arts and entertainment practice, including an overview of arts and entertainment law in the context of international legal frameworks. Students also examine forms of business, legal requirements, business structures and other factors that influence business development generally and specifically in arts and entertainment.

Barbados Community College

Cultural Theory 1


An introduction to the theories and concepts that form the basis of cultural theory, the forces which impact on culture and the function of culture in a post-modern world. Students examine Caribbean theorists, laying a foundation for the analysis of the evolution of the regional cultural landscape and for the application of theory to management of the practice of culture. The course also equips students with basic techniques for research in culture.

Barbados Community College

Hr Management For The Arts


This course covers the Human Resources landscape, including recruitment and selection, performance management, compensation management, volunteering, and employee welfare and motivation. Students are guided in applying the theory learned in assignments that provide practice in the day-to-day management of human resources in an arts or entertainment organization.

Barbados Community College

Legal And Business Practice


This course is designed to extend students’ knowledge of legal and business issues within the arts and entertainment industry. Students are guided in the application of knowledge gained to the management of real-world situations related to employment matters, agencies, company law and trademarks.

Barbados Community College

Finance For Art Managers


In this course, students become familiar with financial processes and documents and are prepared to interpret and manage financial information for increased profitability of projects and entities in the arts and entertainment sector. Students develop skills in preparing basic accounting documents and projections designed to garner support and funding from a range of investment and financing sources.

Barbados Community College

Marketing For The Arts 1


This course analyses marketing for arts and entertainment organizations. It defines the role of marketing, examining how to attract audiences and deliver effective messages. The course also guides students in developing marketing strategy and carrying out basic marketing planning.

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Cultural Theory In Practice


This practical course provides students with the opportunity to contribute to fostering the development and export of various local art forms. Students apply their knowledge of the local, regional and international cultural landscapes and theories to the execution of two projects: (1) research and plans for the development of a local art form for export and (2) the planning and execution of a conference to educate and inspire stakeholders to explore cultural development.

Barbados Community College

Innovation For Commercial Creativity


In this course, students research and practice innovative thinking and creating as vital to the development of a successful creative product. Students examine the history, characteristics and related psychological and sociological factors of innovation and development. Students investigate a number of local creative products, examining innovation and development challenges and focusing on the pro-active and re-active roles and contribution of arts and entertainment.

Barbados Community College

Arts & Entertainment Digital Applications


In this course, students explore and practice using a selection from the wide range of available digital applications and websites beneficial to arts and entertainment managers. As they use these applications, students integrate knowledge of planning, finance and marketing with skills in book-keeping, generation of financial documents, advertisement creation and social media marketing.

Barbados Community College

Event Management 1


In this course, students explore methods and techniques utilized in planning, organizing, promoting and delivering major events. The course also provides students with practice in conducting and using research and applying relevant event management skills as they develop those attitudes and values that are critical to success in the field.

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Marketing For The Arts 2


This course addresses branding, identity and design as key aspects of marketing. Drawing upon marketing, communication, design and design management theory and practice, the course enables students to formulate a research-based position to inform their branding and visual communications practice in the creative and other sectors.

Barbados Community College

Innovation Creative Project


In this course, students build on the knowledge and understanding of innovation and the creative process gained in AEMN 300 and devise and execute a creative project. Students are required to demonstrate innovation as they research, develop, and prepare a creative sector concept/proposal.

Barbados Community College

Event Management 2


This course is the final of two Event Management courses in the Arts and Entertainment Management programme. It provides students with a platform to put their knowledge of event research, planning, organization, sponsorship and promotion into practice. This course culminates with the planning and execution of an event.

Barbados Community College

Marketing For The Arts 3


In this practical, project-based course student will use the skills gained from PREREQUISITE theory courses Marketing for the Arts 1 and 2 to market and promote a product or event. Students will prepare a Marketing Action Plan to be presented to relevant stakeholders, as well as execute the marketing activities proposed in the plan, including, but not limited to the creation of press releases and social media marketing.

Barbados Community College

Managing The Artist


In this course students explore and demonstrate the role and responsibilities of the artist manager at the various stages and significant events in the career of the artist. Areas covered in the course include the varying dimensions of artist managers, the professional and personal development of artists of different art forms, contractual matters, as well as the critical areas of revenue generation and finances.

Barbados Community College

Research Project (Year-Long)


This course provides students with an opportunity to reflect, write research proposals, conduct scholarly literature reviews, engage in research, and develop and execute an extensive piece of work over an extended period of time. A comprehensive research proposal and final paper in the student’s area of interest is the primary document produced and assessed in this course. This course spans two semesters, with the completed work submitted in Semester 2.

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Work-Based Learning (Year-Long)


Work-based learning is designed to allow students to demonstrate their ability to perform in a work-place setting within arts and entertainment management. The duration of the work-based learning should be 600 hours. Upon completion, students should be able to evaluate career selection, demonstrate employability skills, and satisfactorily perform work-related competencies.

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