• Award:Diploma
  • Study Mode:Part-Time
  • Duration:1 year


This programme is designed to provide a high standard, affordable local gerontological post RN diploma programme that meets the changing needs of the ageing population in Barbados and the re-gion.


To strengthen the provision of care and the quality of life of the elderly population in Barbados.



  • Successful completion of a specialist post-qualification education in gerontological nurs-ing which builds upon initial generalist nurs-ing education
  • Provides nursing care predominantly with old-er people
  • Full member of the multidisciplinary health and social care team
  • Works in a variety of settings where older peo-ple are cared for

Admission Requirements

General Nurse Certification (Associate Degree/Bachelors/certificate),
A minimum of 2-3 years post-basic RN experience
Experience at a gerontological institution would be an asset.


Provide care for the elderly in any setting:

  • prevention of illness, injury or disability
  • promotion of healthmaintenance of the health of elderly popula-tions
  • Provision of health education, care management and primary care to elderly and families who are members of vulnerable populations and high risk groups


• Geriatric/District Hospitals
• Acute Hospitals e.g. Queen Elizabeth
• Psychiatric Hospitals
• Private Nursing homes
• Assisted living facilities
• Polyclinics

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