Welcome to the Barbados Community College! We wish you well at the start of your journey to tertiary education. Some of you are still awaiting acceptance letters, results from CXC or even trying to decide if you will make the Barbados Community College your home for the next few years. Whatever your choice, we invite you to take part in the Orientation session.

If you didn't get to attend the orientation sessions, please view any of the videos for an overview about life on the BCC Campuses.  You can review the orientation document by clicking here or using SWAY noting although you missed the sessions you can still learn a lot from these pages.

Using Chrome or Accessibility view will allow you to have a better experience using SWAY.

Remember once you are accepted, you have to complete mandatory documents ONLY when you have received an acceptance email from the College.

The Barbados Community College wishes you well. Stay Safe. 

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